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    Once there was a father and a son.  They were ill-tempered (坏脾气的) and never gave way to  1  .

    One day the father decided to ask some friends to dinner in his house. He  2 his son to buy some meat in town. When the son got what his father wanted, he turned  3 and walked towards the town gate. Just then a man was coming from the outside. The gate wasn’t  4  enough to let two men in and out at the same time. But  5 of them would give way to the other. They  6  straight face to face inside the gate hour after hour. But the father was worried. “What shall I do? My son hasn’t  7 yet. I can’t wait any longer.” He wanted to know what was the  8  with his son. So he left his friends at home, and he himself went to town to look for his son.

    “You may first take the  9  home for my friends. Let me stand here against him  10  .” He said to his son when he knew what had happened.

  1.A. one              B. another         C. other        D. others

  2.A. hoped            B. told            C. let          D. wished

  3.A. down             B. over            C. back         D. off

  4.A. long             B. wide            C. high         D. narrow

  5.A. either           B. all             C. both         D. neither

  6.A. stood            B. went            C. lay          D. walked

  7.A. gone             B. bought          C. returned     D. been

  8.A. wrong            B. accident        C. thing        D. matter

  9.A. meat             B. dinner          C. bread        D. money

  10.A politely         B. instead         C. safely       D. kindly

Key: 1. D 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. A 10. B