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1.You may come to my house ______ this week_____ next week.

A .neither; or B .from ; to C .either ;or D. either; nor

2.I don’t think we can do it all______ .

A. by ourselves B. by myself C. by ourself D .by yourselves

3.I don’t want this shirt. Please show me______

A .others B .the others C .another D .the other

4.I can’t repair the model ship______ . Can you help______?

A .me; me B. myself ;myself C .myself ;me D. me ; myself

5.Does your brother often wash clothes______?

A. he B .himself C. herself D .him

6. We study Chinese, English , maths and some ______ subjects.

A .the other B. one C .other D .another

7.I have two sisters . ______ of them are doctors.

A. Both B. All C .Either D. Neither

8.The book on the shelf is______.She wrote______ name on its cover .

A .Hers ; her ;herself B. Her; hers; herself C. Herself; her; hers D .Her; herself; herself

9. “Don’t worry . There’s______ much wrong with you.” said the doctor.

A. nothing B .everything C. something D .very

10.These shoes are too small. You may buy some______ shoes .

A .another B .other C .the .others D. others

11.I asked Jim and Bob to come to my house for dinner , but______ of them came .

A .another B. other C .the others D .others

12.They are______ the same size , so you may take______ half of the cake.

A. at; each B. in ; both C .at ; neither D .in ; either

13.Betty and John have come back , but______ students in the class aren’t here yet.

A. the other B others C. another D. the others

14.Your mother is kindness______ .

A .itself B. herself oneself D .himself