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小升初作文:My Doll(我的布娃娃)

2009-06-06 10:41:19 来源:网络 文章作者:匿名

[标签:作文 小升初]

My Doll
Today is Sunday. I took out the nice doll again. Two years ago, my mother bought her for me on my birthday.

It is a girl. I like to call her "Yuan Yuan", because she has a round face, a round head and round eyes. Her nose and mouth are round too.
Yuan Yuan is wearing a red and white dress, a red hat and red shoes. There is a long pigtail behind her head. I can see a smile on her face when I come back home. How lovely she is!
Yuan Yuan and I are good friends.She looks like my little sister. I usually play games with her. She often listens to me when I tell her a story. I go to bed with her. I think I can't sleep without her.
I like yuanyan very much I think She likes me too!



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