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1. Open the window, please. (改为否定句)________ open the window, please.

2. I can see a bottle of water on the table. (就划线部分提问)  ________ can you  _________ on the table?

3. There are thirty  students in the classroom. (对划线部分提问) How _________ __________ are there in the classroom?

4. There are some birds in the picture. (改为一般疑问句句)__________ there ___________ birds in the picture?

5. They often play football on the playground.(就划线部分提问)________ ________ they often _______  football?

六、 用所给动词的适当形式填空。(10分)
1.    It’s time _____________(have) lunch.
2.    Can you __________(jump) very high?  
3.     I want ___________(go) and play basketball.
4. Jim and Bill________________ (sing) in the room now.
5. What’s in the ___________(teacher) room?
6. There are some __________(book) on the desk.
7. Is _________(we) football under the desk?
8. There ________(be) a picture of my father in my bag.
9. The boy often _________(play) football here .
10. Let _________( we ) help you find it.

七. 选择填空(20分)
1.(    ) The students ______ their homework every day.Now they _______ their homework.
A. do, do              B. does, doing   C. doing, are doing    D. do, are doing

2.(    ) What' s wrong ______ your pencil-box?
A. about     B. with      C. for     D. of

3.(    ) _______ are working now.
A. The women workers  B. The woman workersC. The women worker   D. The woman teacher

4.(    ) “What are the students doing?”“Some______ books and others ______ at the blackboard.”
A. are looking, are reading     B. are reading, are watching  C. are watching, are looking     D. are reading, are looking

5.(    ) “Can you help me with my English ?”“________________________”
A.I think.            B. Yes, I can.    C. I can't think so    D. No, thanks

6.(    ) The students are going to ______ trees on the hill.A. playing to   B. planting   C. plant  D. working

7.(    ) I want ________ the house. Could you ________ me?
A. clean; help     B. to clean; helpC. to clean; to help  D. cleaning; to help

8.(    ) The children are __________TV now.
A. watching B. reading C. looking D. seeing

9.(     ) What _____ the man ______ over there?
A. is, do B. are, doing C. is, doing D. are, do

10.(     ) Where's my pencil-box? I ______ it.
A. am not seeing  B. am not findingC. can't find    D. can't look at

11.(    ) It’s time to ______ up.
A. getting  B. got  C. gets D. get12.(    ) One of the boys_____ my brother.A. is  B. are C. am  D. be

13.(    ) Let's come and ______ some water.
A. to drink B. drink C. drinking D. drinks

14.(    ) The players are playing _____ football.
A. a     B. an  C. the  D. /

15.(   ) ______ are the two students doing in the classroom?
A. Who  B. What  C. Where  D. Whose

16(  ). That girl is new in our class . Do you know ___________ name?          
A. her       B. she        C. he       D. his

17(  ).—Can you play with a yo-yo , Jim ?        —Yes , I ___________ . It’s easy .         
A. must              B. can         C. am              D. may

18 (   ).September 10th  is ___________ .        
A. Women’s Day        B. Children’s Day     C. Mid-autumn Day      D. Teachers’ Day

19 (   ). This second-hand camera is much ___________ than that new one .
A. cheap            B. cheaper        C. dear              D. dearest

20 (   ).Every morning, I have ______ egg and _______ glass of milk for my breakfast.
      A、an…an    B、a…a    C、an…a    D、/…a