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Some students are in Han Mei’s house. They are talking about many things. They are eating and drinking something. Han Mei’s mother is cooking for them. It’s eleven o’clock. It’s lunch time. They are eating. Han Mei says, “Help yourselves.” Jim likes eggs. Kate likes rice. Lucy likes bread. Lily doesn’t like bread. She likes bananas. They are drinking ten bottles of orange. They are having a very good time.(  )

1. Who are in Han Mei’s house?
A. A student    B. Some students    C. Han Mei     D. Jim, Kate(  )

2. They are drinking ten _________.
A. bottle of orange   B. bottles of orange   C. bottle of oranges  D. bottles of oranges(  )

3. ________is cooking for them.
A. Han Mei    B. Some students    C. Han Mei’s mother  D. Han Mei’s father (  )

4. Lucy ________.
A. likes rice      B. likes eggs    C. likes bananas   D. likes bread (  )

5. When are they having lunch? ________.
A. At six    B. At seven         C. At twelve    D. At eleven

九 、阅读对话,根据对话内容判断,正确“T”,错误“F”。(5分)

John:  When is my birthday, mum?
Mum:  Your birthday is in May.
John:  And when is my father’s birthday?
Mum:  His birthday is in April.
John:  And you, mum?
Mum:  My birthday is in June.
John:  Oh, dear! Father is only one month older than me, and I am one month older than you, mum!

(     ) 1、John’s birthday is in January.
(     )2、John’s father’s birthday is in April.
(     ) 3、John’s mother’s birthday is in June.
(     ) 4、John’s father is only one month older than John.
(     ) 5、John is one month older than his mother.


My father __ 1____ a good friend in the factory (工厂). He is sixty.  He is an old man. All of the children like him. We call ____2___ Uncle Sam. He __3___ from England. He ___4___ in Sichuan. He can’t __5____ Chinese. We teach(教) him Chinese He ___6_ us English. He ___7____ work on Sundays. He __8___ making things. And he likes watching TV with his children at night.(    )

1. A. have    B. haves    C. has      D. is(    )
2. A. he      B. they     C. him      D. his(    )
3. A. come    B. comes   C. goes     D. to come(    )
4. A. live     B. living    C. lives     D. to live(    )
5. A. speak    B. tell     C. say       D. talk(    )
6. A. teach    B. teachs    C.teaches   D.teaching(    )
7. A. do      B. don’t     C. does     D. doesn’t(    )
8. A .likes    B. like      C. to like    D. liking