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2010-07-22 16:58:30 来源:本站原创

  China's rich worry their heirs will squander fortunes   中国“富二代”:扶不起的阿斗?

  导读:中国的富二代已经引起了美国媒体的关注。那些在改革浪潮中富裕起来的商人们显得忧心忡忡:他们担心自己 娇惯的(pampered)孩子会不知如何把握财富。这些经济大潮中先富起来的先驱者们可能未曾预料到,他们的后代吃苦和实践能力远不如父辈。

  据《今日美国》报道,袁庆鹏(音译)表示, 那些在经济改革中发迹的富人们变得忧心忡忡,他们担心自家从小娇生惯养的儿女无法守住家业。 According to USA Today, Yuan Qingpeng said the Chinese who have become rich under the economic reform movement in China are worried. They're worried their spoiled kids won't know how to hang on to the loot.

  这些白手起家的先行者们改变了中国曾经一度走下坡路的商业。谈到这些开拓者的子女们,袁庆鹏说:“他们吃苦耐劳的精神以及实践能力远不如上辈。” "Their ability to endure hardship and put things into practice is less than the first generation," Yuan says of the children of the rags-to-riches pioneers who have transformed China's once-moribund business landscape.

  而他在北京开设管理研究院的目的正是基于此。 That's where his Beijing Business Management Scientific Research Institute comes in.

  作为“富二代”培训机构之一,该机构旨在以授课的形式训练这些超级富豪的继承者。 The institute is among several that offer training courses to groom heirs of the super-rich, known here as the "wealthy second generation," in the ways of their class.

  1月份,在富裕的广东省开展了一项企业家调查。结果显示,62%的人担心自己孩子无力接手家业。 A January survey of entrepreneurs in wealthy Guangdong Province revealed 62 percent most worried about their heirs' ability to take over.

  这种忧虑恰恰给予某些机构提供了商机,于是包括袁庆鹏在内的一些人士纷纷开办针对“富二代”的培训项目。 Cashing in on such fears, entrepreneurs such as Yuan are expanding programs to train the twentysomethings abbreviated here as "Rich2G."

  开设该课程的机构包括像北大、清华这样的知名院校,以及一些私人咨询公司。 Courses are offered by prestigious universities such as Peking and Tsinghua, and private consultancies.

  中国的贫富差距不断加大,这使得富家子弟的“形象问题”备受关注。近来一些关于培训“富二代”的报道同样招致中国媒体的口诛笔伐。去年媒体曾曝光过一些“富二代”酒后飙车致使路人死亡的事件。 China's rich kids have an image problem in a nation riven by a growing gap between rich and poor. Recent reports on the training of wealthy heirs have excited plenty of critical comments in Chinese media, which last year highlighted the cases of some Rich2G whose love of the fast lane caused deaths by drunken driving in expensive cars.