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以 Smoking is harmful 为题,写一篇 100-30 词的短文

2010-07-26 12:14:41 来源:网络


  以 Smoking is harmful 为题,写一篇 100~130 词的短文,内容包括以下要点:

  1. 列举抽烟现状(中国抽烟者达 45% ,多为年青人,甚至中学生);

  2. 分析原因(乐趣,提神 refresh oneself );

  3. 叙述抽烟害处(坏习惯,有害健康,致病,浪费金钱,引起火灾);

  4. 劝告人不要抽烟,别学抽烟。

  Smoking is harmful

  When you are in public places, you will see many smokers, most of whom are young people and even middle school students. It is said that in China smokers cover about 45 percent.

  Why do so many people enjoy smoking? Some think that it is a pleasure, some believe that it can refresh themselves. In fact, smoking is a bad habit. It does great harm to our health, not only to the smoker himself, but also to others. For smokers, it is a great waste of money, and it causes many kinds of diseases. Besides, many fires are caused by careless smokers.

  Today, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm of smoking and decide to give it up. If you are not a smoker, don't start.