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2010-07-26 18:32:23 来源:人人听力网



  提示:vidie games ,popular,spend all day, too much,play,health,keep away from

  In modern times,vidie games are very popular amoung students.Many of them are interested in them a lot.Some regard them as a kind of small games ,when they have time they play them .But some of them are addicted to play vidie games. They spend all day in play them,so that they not only do bad in study butalso lead to a bad body.I think we had better be away from the vidie games to have a health body and a satisfied study.  
  video game is beciming more and more popular.some students are intrested in it,even become addicted with it,spenging more time on it comparing with the time spending on study.I don't think student shoud say good bye to it,some time when you are tired with study, you can have a rest by playing it sometime .but if you are a person who is lacking of master youself,you'd better not touch it.