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1. It's time to go home./to play computer games./ for school.是回家/玩电子游戏/上学的时候了。

2. Smoking is bad for your health.      抽烟不利于你的健康。

  To walk is good for your health.       散步有益健康。

3. It's kind of you to help me.                你帮助我真好心。


4. It took me half an hour to fall asleep/get to sleep last night.昨天夜里我花了半个小时才入睡。

It cost him¥1000 to buy the air ticket from Lhasa to Hohhot.


5. She spent a lot of money on clothes.      她花很多钱买衣服。

 She spent a lot of time (in) surfing.         她花很多时间玩冲浪。

     He paid $10 for the book.== The book cost him $10.

    He bought the book for $10.           他花了10美元买这本书。

6. What's the price/cost of it? ==How much is it?          它卖多少钱?

==How much does it cost?   ==How much should I pay for it/spend on it?

7. You'd better put away all your clothes./go over your homework again./ read more books.

('d better = had better)    你最好把你的衣服收好/再检查一遍你的作业/多读几本书。

8. I want to know what's wrong /the matter/the trouble with the animal?


I want to know if you can tell me which is the way to ...请问您是否能告诉我去…怎么走。

9. I'd like to go there on foot./ by bus.               我愿意步行/坐公共汽车到那儿去.

Would you like him to make a phone call to you?    您愿意他打电话给您么?

10. The children can't wait to open their presents.孩子们迫不及待地打开礼物。

11. Let's hurry so that we can get there before supper.


My father lives so far away that we hardly see him.


He walked such a long way that he felt pretty tired.  他走了这么远路,所以感到相当疲倦。

12. Tom made such a noise that his sister told him to be quiet.


His idea was such a good one that we all agreed to use it.


13. The harder you work, the higher marks you'll get.     你学习越努力,你的成绩就越好。

The more we get together, the happier we will be.      我们相聚越多就会越快乐。

14. Don't be late for /come late to the concert.           去听音乐会可别迟到了。

15. He enjoys reading in bed.                             他躺在床上津津有味地看书。

   She kept on working although she was tired.           她虽然累了,但仍然继续工作。

    They are busy getting ready for the party.              他们正忙着为聚会作准备。