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  1. Tom owns ________ larger collection of ________ books than any other student in our class.

  A. the; 不填                        B. a; 不填

  C. a; the                             D. 不填; the

  2. For a long time they walked without saying ________ word. Jim was the first to break ________ silence.

  A. the; a                              B. a; the

  C. a; 不填                           D. the; 不填

  3. When he left ________ college, he got a job as ________ reporter in a newspaper office.

  A. 不填;a                          B. 不填;the

  C. a ; the                              D. the ; the

  4. If you buy more than ten, they knock 20 pence off ________ .

  A. a price                             B. price

  C. the price                           D. prices

  5. ________ on-going division between English-speaking Canadians and French-speaking Canadians is ________ major concern of the country.

  A. The; 不填                         B. The; a

  C. An; the                              D. An; 不填

  6. The Wilsons live in ________ A-shaped house near the coast. It is --- ________ 17th century cottage.

  A. the , /                                B. an, the

  C. /, the                                 D. an, a

  7. When you come here for your holiday next time, don’t go to ________ hotel; I can find you ________ bed in my flat.

  A. the; a                                 B. the; 不填

  C. a; the                                 D. a; 不填

  8. When you finish reading this book, you will have ________ better understanding of ________ life. 

  A. a, the                                  B. the, a

  C. /, the                                   D. a, /

  9. It is ________ world of wonders ________ world where anything can happen.

  A. a, the                                  B. a, a

  C. the, a                                  D. 不填, 不填

  10. The most important thing about cotton in history is ________ part that it played in ________ Industrial Revolution.

  A. 不填;不填                        B. the;不填

  C. the; the                               D. a; the

  11. While he was investigating ways to improve the telescope, Newton made ________ discover which completely changed ________ man’s understanding of colour.

  A. a…不填                              B. a…the

  C. 不填…the                            D. the…a

  12. —I’d like ________ information about the management of your hotel, please.

  —Well, you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful.

  A. some, a                                B. an, some

  C. some, some                           D. an, a

  13. Many people agree that ________ knowledge of English is a must in ________ international trade today.

  A. a; /                                        B. the; an

  C. the; the                                  D. /;the

  14. —Have you seen ________ pen? I left it here this morning.

  —Is it ________ black one? I think I saw it some where.

  A. a; the                                      B. the; the

  C. the; a                                      D. a; a 

  15. Paper money was in ________ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ________ thirteenth century.

  A. the; 不填                                B. the; the

  C. 不填; the                                D. 不填; 不填

  16. Most animals have little connection with ________ animals of ________ different kind unless they kill them for food.

  A. the; a                                      B. 不填; a

  C. the; the                                   D. 不填; the

  17. Jumping out of ________ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ________ exciting experience.

  A. 不填, the                                  B. 不填, an

  C. an, an                                       D. the, the

  18. The sign reads “In case of ________ fire, break the glass and press ________ red button. ”

  A. / ; a                                         B. / ; the

  C. the; the                                    D. a; a

  19. On ________ news today, there were ________ reports of heavy snow in that area.

  A. the; the                                     B. the; 不填

  C. 不填;不填                              D. 不填;the


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