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    It happened when I was about ten. One day my dad came home   36    with a big brown box. It was a computer! We didn’t see Dad for the next week. He was so   37   this computer that he spent all of his time in the    38   trying to put it together. We would see him when he came up for some   39 , only to hurry back down the stairs. He looked pale, as he hadn’t seen  40   for a few days. This was his new    41   and he was going to finish it or die trying.

    One bright morning as my Mum, brother and I were eating breakfast, the basement door   42    swung open and there was the man whom we   43   to know as Dad standing there with a huge smile on his face. “I’ve done it!” he shouted.

    Mum was about to cry   44   it was like a family gathering. We then   45    him down the stairs and happily waited while he flipped(  ) the big red switch to “on”.

    With excitement, Dad   46   to teach us how to use. It was so complicated especially   47  he didn’t really know how to use it himself.

    I had the honor of being the   48   person to use his computer to write a report for my lesson. I spent three days writing it, and finally it was time to   49  it out. I pushed the button that I thought was supposed to save it and the screen went   50  ! Then it started flashing and making strange   51  . I didn’t realize that this wasn’t   52   until I saw smoke coming from the computer. My whole family   53   in when they heard me screaming for help.

    My hardworking Dad stood there, shocked at the   54   of the computer. We decided to leave him alone. That was also the   55    day of my entire life.

    36. A. surprised        B. excited                  C. worried                D. tired

    37. A. into                B. with                     C. at                         D. on

    38. A. study             B. room                    C. office                   D. basement

    39. A. rest                B. solutions               C. problems              D. food

    40. A. us                  B. light                      C. water                   D. computer

    41. A. project           B. job                       C. hobby                   D.habit

    42. A. slowly            B. strangely               C. suddenly               D. quietly

    43. A. used               B. happened              C. ought                   D. had

    44. A. when             B. as                         C. while                    D. before

    45. A. guided            B. followed               C. led                       D. watched

    46. A. wanted           B. failed                    C. managed               D. tried

    47. A. that                B. since                    C. after                     D. thus

    48. A. right        B. only                  C. first                      D. lovely

    49. A. hand        B. print                     C. bring                    D. let

    50. A. dark               B. down                    C. blank                    D. bright

    51. A. noises            B. mistakes               C. sentences              D. choices

    52. A. strange           B. normal                  C. good                    D. funny

    53. A. stepped          B. came                    C. walked                 D. ran

    54. A. thought          B. sight                     C. end                      D. beginning      

    55. A. strangest        B. longest                C. worst                   D. coldest