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2010-07-26 19:41:47 来源:腾讯外语 文章作者:腾讯外语

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  Ppl:People 人

  cwl:Cool 好极了,棒极了

  Lyk:Like 喜欢

  Taken and Ownageeee:To be strongly attached to someone 已经有男、女朋友

  Legal:Commonly used by girls to make it clear that they are of legal age to have sex 已经年满16岁(合法性行为的年龄)

  Getting MWI:Getting mad with it (mwi) means getting very drunk, also known as "steaming" 喝醉酒

  Ridneck:Pronounced redneck and is used to describe embarrassment--in that it will cause them to have a red neck. 感到困窘或难堪

  Teenagers on social networking site Bebo have created a secret language to stop adults knowing what they are up to, researchers say.


  Youngsters are using slang words to keep parents and employers in the dark about their social activities such as partying and drinking.


  Instead of writing they are drunk, teens post "Getting MWI"--or mad with it.

  如果要说自己喝醉了,他们不说"getting drunk",而是说"getting MWI",或者"mad with it"。

  Being in a relationship is known as "taken" or "Ownageeee", and "Ridneck", a corruption of redneck, means to feel emb  arrassed.


  Meanwhile, girls posting "Legal" are indicating that they are above 16 and legally allowed to have sex.


  Lisa Whittaker, a postgraduate student at the University of Stirling, who studied teens aged 16-18 in Scotland, said the slang had been created to keep their activities private, and cited the example of one young girl who was sacked after bosses found pictures of her drinking on the website.

  苏格兰斯特灵大学的研究生(论坛) 丽莎·惠特克对16至18岁青少年在Bebo社交网站上的活动进行研究。她表示,曾经有一个年轻女孩在社交网站上张贴自己喝酒的照片而被雇主开除,所以现在的青少年为了保持自己网上活动的隐私,创造除了这种新的秘密语言。

  She said: "Young people often distort the languages they use by making the pages difficult for those unfamiliar with the distortions and colloquialisms. "


  "The language used on Bebo seems to go beyond abbreviations that are commonly used in text messaging, such as removing all the vowels."


  "This is not just bad spelling, but a deliberate attempt to creatively misspell words."


  "By doing this they are able to communicate with their in-group and conceal the content from the out-group."


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