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2010-08-05 09:57:41 来源:可可英语

[标签:暮光之城 讲解]





Edward: Chief Swan. I want to formally introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen.

Charlie: Hi, Edward.

Edward: Bella won't be out too late tonight. She's just gonna pIay baseball with my family.

Charlie: Baseball?

Edward: Yes, sir, that's the pIan.

Charlie: Bella's gonna pIay baseball. Well, good luck with that.

Edward: I'll take good care of her. I promise.

Charlie: Hey. Still got that pepper spray?

Bella: Yeah, Dad.

Bella: And since when do vampires like baseball?

Edward: Well, it's the American pastime, and there's a thunderstorm coming. It's the only time we can pIay. You'll see why.

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