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BBC地道英语口语:Doggy Bag 打包

2010-08-05 11:09:19 来源:开心ABC

[标签:BBC 地道 英语口语]

Jo: Hello, I'm Jo and you're listening to Real English from BBC Learning English � the programme where we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your textbook or your dictionary. With me today is Helen.

Helen: Hi Jo. 大家好。在我们的地道英语节目中,你会发现不少在字典上查不到的通俗表达。那Jo, 今天有什么有意思的新词吗?

Jo: Well Helen, today's expression is doggy D.O.G.G.Y bag B.A.G. doggy bag.

Helen: 从 doggy 这个词来看,我想这是应该和狗 dog 有关的一个表达吧?

Jo: A doggy bag is actually something we get at a restaurant. Sometimes when you eat out there is a lot of food and you can't finish everything because you are full � well you might want to take that leftover food home.

Helen: Leftover 多余的,吃剩了的食品. 这种情况我们在餐馆里经常碰到,叫了太多的菜,结果吃不完。

Jo: So you would ask for a doggy bag.

Helen: 明白了,A doggy bag 就是在餐馆里要求把剩菜打包带回家,不过这名字好像不大好听。Why is it called a doggy bag Jo?

Jo: Well, it's because sometimes people take leftover food home to give to their dog � but most of the time the food is for people to eat not dogs. But we always call it a doggy bag. Let's listen to an example shall we?


Waiter: Is everything OK?

Diner: Yes thanks. Can you put this in a doggy bag for us?

Waiter: Yes, of course.

Jo: If you want a doggy bag � you might also just ask � can we take this home please?

Helen: 有时候,你可能不想说我要一个 doggy bag,你也可以直接说我想把这些剩菜带回 家。

Jo: So there we have it � today's expression � doggy bag.

Helen: 好了,今天我们的地道英语就到这儿。

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