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BBC地道英语口语:Road Rage 交通暴躁情绪

2010-08-05 11:16:40 来源:开心ABC

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Neil: This is Real English from BBC Learning English. I’m Neil.

Helen: 大家好,我是 Helen。

Neil: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that have recently become part of the English language.

Helen: 在今天的 Real English 这个环节,我们来一块儿学一些英语中出现的新鲜词汇和习惯用语。

Neil: The English language is always growing and new words come into use all the time.

Helen: 没错儿,所以我们要不断及时的更新自己脑中的词汇。

Neil: That’s right.

Helen: 接下来,Neil 要告诉我们今天的新词儿是?

Neil: Today’s new word is 'road rage'.

Helen: Road rage. 这两个词是什么意思呢?

Neil: Well, you may have heard the word rage on its own. It means to be extremely angry. Road rage means to become extremely angry on the road when driving � and then to actually attack other drivers!

Helen: 那 Neil 能给我们举个例子,让我们看看这个 road rage 到底应该怎么用?

Neil: Of course. Sometimes people get very angry when they drive. They attack another motorist, you call this road rage.

Helen: 哦,原来 road rage 是指发生在公路上的暴躁情绪,有的时候无辜的乘客还会成为牺牲品被袭击。

Neil: Exactly.


A: Hey, John! What happened to your face? Have you been in a fight?

B: Kind of. I was the victim of a road rage attack! An angry driver hit me in the face!

A: That’s terrible! Did you call the police?

B: Of course, but as I didn’t really get a good look at him there’s not much they can do.

Neil: I saw some road rage the other day.

Helen: Really? What happened?

Neil: Two men had an argument at the traffic lights.

Helen: 然后是不是他们就变得非常暴躁?

Neil: Yes. They were shouting a lot, and then they started fighting!

Helen: What? 互相打了起来,那当时你在旁边没吓坏了呀?

Neil: Well, the police came and arrested them � for road rage, I think.

Helen: Good!

Neil: Yes Helen. People shouldn’t get so angry. Anyway, let’s recap � road rage - means to become violent when driving and physically attack another motorist

Helen: Road Rage 是指人们在公路上的愤怒急噪情绪。要知道在路上闹别扭,生气可是很危险的,所以我们大家也应该努力让 road rage 少发生。

Neil: Well, You’ve been listening to Real English from BBC Learning English. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.

Helen: 下次节目再见。

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